Please meet Biorizon's team! 

Monique Wekking, MSc.

Nationality: Dutch
Function: Business developer
Organisation: TNO
Education: Organic chemistry, University of Amsterdam
Currently working on: Setting up shared research with industrial parties and other relevant associations and stakeholders to convert organic heterogenic municipal waste into building blocks for furanics and bioaromatics. 
Motivation: I get enthusiastic to bring (competitive) parties together and convince them to collaborate in shared research towards profitable bioaromatics business together. I believe co-creation and a co-operate attitude accelerates such business.

Prof. dr. Ludo Diels

Nationality: Belgian
Education: PhD University of Antwerp (Belgium)
Function: Research Leader
Working on: Coordination of research strategies. Establishment and coordination of collaborative projects.

 Jaap Kiel

Nationality: Dutch
Education: PhD in Chemical Engineering, University of Twente
Function: Programme development manager Biomass
Working on: Developing the ECN Biomass R&D programme in close collaboration with industry partners, other R&D institutes and the ECN experts in thermochemical biomass conversion, including the expansion of R&D activities in Horizon 1 of Biorizon.
Motivation: I enjoy to contribute to shaping the biobased economy jointly with industry and other organisations by developing innovative sustainable technologies and support their market implementation.


Ing. Joop Groen MBA

Nationality: Dutch
Education: Chemical Technology & MBA.
Function: Manager New Business Development.
Organisation: VITO
Working on: The growth of Biorizon and especially contracting industrial partners as well as additional RTO’s to strengthen the program, gain critical mass and increase shared intelligence.
Motivation: Working together closely with industry and other organisations, pushing the limits of new innovative sustainable technology and 'making it happen', so to convert new technologies into profitable business for the participating companies!

Dr. ir. Karolien Vanbroekhoven

Nationality: Belgium
Education: PhD in Applied Biotechnology, KULeuven
Function: Program Manager BioEconomy
Working on: Use of sustainable resources like biomass, algae, carbon dioxide replacing fossil ones and developing biotech processes using these resources as well as intensify them by integration of separation and conversion, by reusing the biocatalyst and by overall optimization of the process efficiency.
Motivation: Looking to the great opportunities and challenges in the bioeconomy, I get excited about the new, sustainable world ahead of us and the small contribution I can make to that! Connecting different people, with different backgrounds and realizing real innovations, that’s what makes my heart beats faster.

Dr. ir. Jan Harm Urbanus

Nationality: Dutch
Education: PhD in Bioprocess Engineering
Function: Scientific Manager 
Organisation: TNO
Working on: In horizon 3 (conversion of sugars into aromatics), TNO is developing a bench-scale setup for the conversion of sugars into furanics and we're exploring the potential of transforming furans into aromatics, both in terms of IP and techno-economic viability. In addition, TNO is talking to industries about their interest in Biorizon. My role is to connect these two worlds and create a very interesting program, geared toward implementation of bio-aromatic value chains. 
Motivation: I have a passion to connect people and excellent science, creating an environment of energy and drive to promote, enhance and accelerate the implementation of sustainable value chains. 

Dr. Kelly Servaes

Nationality: Belgium
Function: Project Manager Lignin - BioAromatics
Organization: VITO






Ir. Roger Blokland, MBA

Nationality: Dutch
Function: Senior Business developer
Organization: TNO
Education: MSc Chem Eng, Delft University of Technology & MBA, RSM Erasmus University.
Currently working on: Finding enthusiastic partners to achieve our goal of realizing a commercial production unit for biobased aromatics by 2025. For this goal Shared Research Center Biorizon is interested to talk to suppliers of waste biobased feedstock, new users of biobased aromatic compounds and other potential stakeholders such as financiers, support & funding organizations, engineering & licensing companies, etc.   
Motivation: Foremost I am very motivated by helping to realize a sustainable chemical industry and the ability to make a positive contribution to a fully renewable and sustainable society through the impact of my work. I really enjoy working in this complicated, cutting edge scientific landscape and at the same time manage the overall Biorizon business goals and creating a win-win for all our stakeholders.

Drs. Dennis van der Pas

Nationality: Dutch
Function: Projectmanager / Manager Green Chemistry Campus.
Education: Tilburg University, economics.
Currently working on: Operations manager for the Green Chemistry Campus, regional coordinator in the European project Chemical Regions for Resource Efficiency and Horizon2020. 
Motivation: Build new combinations in a cross sector and cross discipline world, bringing together the triple helix partners and interests.


Drs. Emke Mol

Nationality: Dutch
Function: Marketing & Communication Green Chemistry Campus & Biorizon.
Education: Tilburg University, Communication- & Information sciences.
Currently working on: public relations, stakeholder management and event coordination.
Motivation: Contribute to a more sustainable world by creating awareness and interest from stakeholders and the media for biobased developments at the Green Chemistry Campus and Biorizon.  
Motto: Love it, beat it or leave it: love what you do and do what you love!

Ir. Roel Vleeschouwers

Nationality: Belgian
Education: MSc Biochemical Engineering
Function: Business Development Manager
Working on: My main activities are related to bringing the Biorizon technological developments towards the industry. This implies the valorisation of the expertise and know-how in contract research and collaborative projects and the transfer of our developments to the industry within the structure of Biorizon. In this sense also the broadening of the Biorizon community is one of the major goals.
Motivation: To increase the impact of Biorizon in the context of the biobased economy and in close collaboration with relevant industrial partners.

Dr. ir. Paul Könst

Nationality: Dutch
Education: PhD degree in Organic Chemistry – Biocatalysis from Wageningen University
Function: Scientist
Organisation: TNO
Working on: Characterization and optimization of the chemistry behind the envisioned route towards bioaromatics.
Motivation: I enjoy working with people from different disciplines on solutions that matter to society.


Ir. Berend Vreugdenhil

Nationality: Dutch
Education: M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering
Function: Innovation manager gasification
Working on: Gasification as a platform to convert biomass into valuable products, such as Green Gas, fuels and chemicals. These routes are exciting and often interlinked.
Motivation: Sustainability is key for the continuing development of the Netherlands, Europe and our planet. Sustainable routes based on gasification are fun, new and the right combination of engineering and chemistry.


Dr. Heleen de Wever

Nationality: Belgian
Education: PhD in Applied Biological Sciences, Catholic University Leuven
Function: Project Manager Biotechnology
Working on: Bioprocess intensification, valorization of biomass in a biorefinery approach, and CO2-to-product bioconversions
Motivation: Develop industrial biotech showcases relevant for the biobased economy, Demonstrate the benefits of integrated separation and conversion for bioprocesses, Bring innovations to a higher level in collaborative projects with academia and/or industry


Dr. Paul de Wild

Nationality: Dutch
Education: PhD in Chemistry University of Groningen
Function: Research scientist biorefinery
Working on: Development of innovative thermochemical conversion, of biomass, including product recovery and down-stream processing for value-added chemicals, performance materials and energy applications within the framework of the biorefinery approach. The focus is on lignin valorisation because lignin is the major unexploited biopolymer and a rich potential source for renewable aromatics.
Motivation: I am eager to contribute to the development of a sustainable society. Biomass is the sole source to replace fossil-based materials in the biobased economy and I will use my expertise and enthusiasm as a chemist to make it happen. Nothing has ever been achieved without passion!         

Dr. Metin Bulut

Nationality: Belgian
Education: Bio-engineer in environmental and catalytic technology, PhD. Bio-engineer in catalytic technology.
Function: Scientist.
Working on: Membrane-based molecular separation technologies for downstream processing of chemical waste and process streams and for process intensified (bio)conversion processes.
Motivation: Looking for new exciting opportunities to apply the full potential of membrane technology in the separation and isolation of high value molecules from biomass streams. And to have a contribution in the road to achieve process intensification in sustainable (bio)chemical industries.

Ir. Marc Crockatt

Nationality: Scottish
Education: Organic Chemistry at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland.
Function: Technical Lead & Innovator.
Organisation: TNO
Working on: The conversion of biomass sugars to aromatics via furanics; predominately on the conversion of furanics to aromatics.
Motivation: I appreciate the beauty and complex elegance of cyclic systems, and the carbon cycle is one of the most important in life. Being at the forefront of the research, and developing ideas, to solve what is without doubt one of the biggest modern problems not only stimulates me, but gives me an enormous sense of reward. 

Jaap W. van Hal, Ph.D.

Nationality: Dutch
Education: Ph.D. in organometallic chemistry.
Function: Innovation manager biorefinery.
Working on: Developing economically viable, environmentally benign, sustainable biorefinery processes of lignocellulosic and macro-algal biomass using the cascading, total biomass utilisation, valorisation principle.
Motivation: Pushing the start button of the first biorefinery plant.



Dr. (Pavol) Bodis

Nationality: Slovak
Education: PhD degree in Physical Chemistry from University of Amsterdam
Function: System integrator
Organisation: TNO
Working on: Designing, building and commissioning of the bi-phasic reactor
Motivation: Bringing great ideas and dreams of scientists to reality

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