Save the Date: December 2nd & 3rd Biorizon’s 7th Annual Event in Rotterdam

Please save the date for Biorizon's 7th Annual Event on Bio-Aromatics, which wil take place on Wednesday December 2nd and Thursday December 3rd in the vibrant city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Over the past years this event has developed itself into a 'must visit' event for anyone who's interested in renewable aromatics. Last edition attracted 156 participants from 14 countries that engaged in 180 matchmaking sessions and that valued the event with an 8.3 out of 10.

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New Business Developer: Luisa F. Flechas

Last Month, Biorizon co-initiator TNO has welcomed a new business developer in the fields of biomass & energy transition: Luisa F. Flechas. Luisa: " I undoubtedly believe in an energy transition towards a biobased economy limiting fossil-fuel dependency. A transition that requires the implementation of new green and cleaner technologies, in combination with existing ones, that eventually will require retrofitting. The clock is ticking, and innovation is needed to lead the pathway working hand-to-hand with the industry, local and governmental sectors in order to achieve a sustainable future".

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Biorizon’s Advisory Board: a Brief Introduction

Shared Research Center Biorizon, is on the move from research and innovation to upscaling and applications with first of a kind plants by 2025. In order to achieve the goals, to get strong regional embedding, to optimize industrial assets and activities and to interregional collaboration in Europe over the value chains, an advisory board was installed during Biorizon’s 6th Annual Event on 28 November 2019 in Antwerp.

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Biorizon featured in Chemical and Engineering News

"Investor and manufacturer interest around bioaromatics is building." Journalist Alex Scott comes to this conclusion in the latest edition of Chemical & Engineering News of the American Chemical Society. The article entitled 'Investors chase sustainable aromatics - Processes using lignin, sugar, plastic waste, and more are moving out of the lab' features Biorizon's chairman of the advisory board Ludo Diels and several Biorizon community members, such as Bloom Biorenewables, BioBTX, Kaneka, and Avantium.

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Event Report: Biorizon Forging Ahead with Bio-Aromatics Upscaling

With over 150 visitors, the annual event of Shared Research Center Biorizon at the end of November was well-visited. The bio-aromatics event highlighted the upscaling efforts currently underway in the three research directions or ‘horizons’: the production of bio-aromatics from sugars, lignin and biomass residual flows (via pyrolysis and gasification).

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Call for Participation: LignoValue Pilot

Biorizon co-initiator VITO, VMH and Worley Belgium have joined forces for the design and construction of a continuous pilot plant for the depolymerization of lignin into innovative biobased aromatics in Flanders. Currently they are looking for companies/venture capitalists that want to participate and/or invest.

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