Sugar Horizon

In Horizon II, Biorizon co-initiator TNO uses expert knowledge on furan chemistry and Diels-Alder technology for the development of functionalized renewable bio-aromatics. Di-acids and tri-acids like phthalic acid and hemimellitic acid with novel functionalities can be used directly in a final application, have high economic value, and can be readily obtained from biomass without losing much of their intrinsic functionality. Local residual feedstock is used, which contributes to the efficient and responsible use of resources in industries where recycling is difficult or even impossible.


Local residual feedstock, such as sludge, manure and agro-residue, which is rich in carbohydrates (C5-sugars), is converted into furfural. Furfural serves as intermediate for the route to renewable bio-aromatics. Via the versatile Diels-Alder technology platform, aromatics of choice can be obtained from furfural. By using various starting materials, a portfolio of >50 different renewable aromatics can be obtained for applications such as lubricants, polymers, adhesives, coatings and plastics.

Current focus

The focus of Horizon II has been twofold: technology is developed to convert residual biomass streams into furans, and the Diels-Alder chemistry platform is developed for various functional aromatics. At present, the production of three novel specialty circular aromatics, 3-methylphthalic anhydride (3MPA), hemi-mellitic acid (HMA) and 3-methylhexahydrophthalic anhydride (3MHHPA), is most advanced and available at the multikilogram scale. We gladly offer companies the opportunity to conduct application testing to evaluate the properties of these highly functionalized renewable aromatics. Promising applications for these novel renewable aromatics are in adhesives, polymers, coatings and lubricants, respectively.

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