Global leaders as well as SME's in the fields of feedstock, conversion, equipment, intermediate and end products are invited to join Biorizon's industry driven Shared Research Center that is based on the open innovation methodology. 

Initiators: TNO, VITO, ECN part of TNO & Green Chemistry Campus

Biorizon is operated by VITO of Belgium and TNO and ECN part of TNO of The Netherlands, three Research and Technology organizations with a strong starting position in Biobased Technology. There is a special structure available for SME participation. Biorizon works together closely with a select group of academic organizations around the world. Shared Research Center Biorizon is located at the Green Chemistry Campus in Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands, at the heart of industries between Antwerp and Rotterdam. 


Financial structure

Biorizon is financed through contributions from the participating companies as well as National and European funding for Innovation. This enables a participating firm to have a significant multiplier effect on their R&D investment. Contracts will be signed over 3-year periods to ensure commitment to the program.

Influence on research pathways, business cases & roadmaps

The participating organizations determine the roadmap and the deliverables of the Center on a bi-annual basis. Companies that decide to join at an early stage will get influence on research pathways, have a first mover advantage, get full insight in the business case and roadmaps and share the risks, while the investment at this point is considerably lower. Obviously, this enhances the opportunities of acquiring profitable business considerably.

Biorizon's unique characteristics

  1. Research focused on commercialization of the best biobased technologies. 
  2. Dedicated researchers, starting with TNO and VITO, who both have significant knowledge and experience with this type of cooperation and with biotech, chemistry and process technology, will provide the researchers. 
  3. Combined intelligence of leading companies, RTO’s and universities.
  4. Shared costs & shared risks. 
  5. Flexibility through a joint roadmap.
  6. Integration of whole supply and value chain for both companies in the chain and competitors.
  7. Knowledge building in underlying enablers that are generically applicable and possibility to participate with a technologist in residence (possibly part time).
  8. Investment multiplier on your R&D budget: 15 - 40 times.

If you would like to discuss the possibilities of joining Biorizon for your organization, please contact us.

Biorizon Community

Biorizon aims to be thé reliable source for information on functionalized biobased aromatics and to provide excellent networking opportunities.

For partners and companies that want to consider joining our Shared Research Center we've created a community were you can find relevant information concerning functionalized biobased aromatics.


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