Lignin Horizon

In Horizon III, Biorizon co-initiator VITO targets the development of technology for the isolation, depolymerization and fractionation of the lignin fraction of biomass into bio-aromatics. This program targets aromatics with new functionalities that lead to improved product properties. VITO is now scaling up a unique conversion technology to produce lignin-based building blocks for the fine chemical industry and innovative biorefineries.


The technology used in Horizon III results in different lignins, ranging from monomeric to oligomeric mixtures. A variety of bio-aromatics can be obtained by matching the appropriate starting materials and depolymerization technology.

Current focus

VITO started the engineering and construction of a lignin depolymerization pilot plant (LignoValue), which will produce functionalized renewable bio-aromatics that can be used in different high added-value applications (polymers, adhesives, coatings, composites, etc.). This facility will deliver about 250 kg/day of functional renewable bio-aromatics and should be operational by mid-2021. These amounts of renewable bio-aromatics allow the industry to apply these samples within their pilot facility in order to conduct application testing on a large scale. There are promising applications for these novel, renewable bio-aromatics in the fine chemical and polymer industries.

More information

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