Samples of lignin based adhesive resins and lubricants

Samples of lignin based adhesive resins and lubricants

Maastricht University, a partner in Biorizon's BIO-HArT project, is looking for companies interested in receiving samples of lignin based adhesive resins and lubricants to test them in their own applications and share the results with us.


Within the BIO-HArT project, innovative technologies are developed for the production of bio-aromatics from lignin feedstock. The ambitions are high: enabling large scale lignin valorization, both for large volumes and high-end applications.

Lignin rich streams can serve as a biofuel in high temperature processes. Alternatively they can be processed into biopolymers for large volume or high end industrial/consumer products.


Maastricht University applications

In the frame of the BIO-HArT project, Maastricht University worked on the following applications:

  • Lignin based wood adhesives e.g. for plywood. On one hand lignin-phenol-formaldehyde wood adhesives are developed with several lignin streams coming from the consortium, on the other hand phenol and formaldehyde free wood adhesives were developed
  • Lignin based, fully biobased lubricants with improved thermo-oxidative stability.


Do you want to receive more information on how we can collaborate? Are you willing to test our samples in your applications and share the results with us? Please contact dr. Katrien Bernaerts, tel. +31 433882636,


This project is established by a contribution of the European Interreg V Flanders-The Netherlands program that stimulates innovation, sustainable energy, a healthy environment and the labor market by means of cross-border projects. 


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