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19-11-2021 - 31-12-2023 /
Green Chemistry Campus, Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands

Call for Participation: Development of Furfural Derived Renewable Building Blocks

Biorizon co-initiator TNO is looking for partners that are interested in the development and application of furfural derived renewable building blocks as sustainable alternatives for petrochemical aromatic and aliphatic building blocks applied in today’s applications. Over the years, TNO has established know-how and facilities to swiftly develop and scale-up production routes, including sample production, of a wide variety of  renewable building blocks, starting from biogenic platform molecule furfural.

High Demand for Renewable Building Blocks

In pursuit of a sustainable society, there is an increasing demand from the chemical industry for renewable functionalized building blocks. Furfural derived building blocks, produced from abundantly and locally available residual hemicellulose, provide a solution for this increasing demand. Based from their biogenic origin, these buildings blocks have the potential of reducing the environmental footprint and improving user properties in applications such as coatings, resins, insulation foams, lubricants and surfactants.

Call for Participation

With the aim to meet the increasing demand from the chemical industry for renewable chemical building blocks, we are looking for the following partners to jointly develop production and application of furfural derived renewable building blocks:

  • Chemical manufacturers that would like to collaborate on technology development and the production of furanic building blocks;
  • Manufacturers of applications (e.g. surfactants, polyesters, etc.) that are looking for sustainable building blocks with the potential of improved functionality, and want to contribute to their development;
  • Other relevant partners like RTO’s or public entities that contribute to technology development.

Partners will have the opportunity to be involved from an early stage of this promising development, including the benefits of sharing knowledge and being at the forefront of application and commercial developments.

More information

Do you want to learn more about what Biorizon co-initiator TNO has to offer, bilateral or in a consortium? Let’s talk!

For more information, please contact Paul Könst via or +31 (0)6 25 04 13 79 to discuss how your organization could benefit from participating in Biorizon Shared Research Center.

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