Participation Calls

26-11-2021 - 31-12-2023 /
Flanders, Belgium

Call for Participation: Continuous Processing of Lignins in Solvents & Characterization

Biorizon co-initiator VITO is looking for parties that are interested in continuous processing of lignins in solvents and characterization of the obtained fractions. We are able to offer continuous processing of lignins in solvents at lab scale (10 – 20g/hour output). Continuous processing of lignins in solvents with pilot scale equipment (1 kg/hour output) will be possible from Q1 2023. The aim is to obtain tailored bio-aromatic lignin fractions that can be used as functional additives for polymer formulations. Furthermore, we are able to offer the characterization of obtained fractions and functionalities of derived lignins.

This might be specifically interesting for:

  1. Technology developers for producing defined lignins and that looking for lignin processing equipment;
  2. Technology developers on lignin extraction or lignin catalytic depolymerization;
  3. Catalyst suppliers willing to test their catalysts in continuous fixed bed systems;
  4. Biofuel/chemical producers willing to screen their ‘biobased/renewable’ solvents like methanol, ethanol or propanol.

For more information, please contact Roel Vleeschouwers at or +32 14 33 69 15 to discuss how your organization could benefit from participating in Shared Research Center Biorizon.  

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