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Accelerate the development of bio-aromatics

Accelerate the development of bio-aromatics

In 2017, the province of Noord-Brabant, TNO, ECN and the Flemish VITO announced to jointly invest € 10 million in the development of bio-aromatics. Now we are making plans to use the financing to accelerate the development of bio-aromatics. You can join and benefit from a significant leverage on your contribution as well.

Shared Research Center Biorizon will use the funds to bring the ultimate aim closer: enabling the commercial production of bio-aromatics for industry in 2025. We are keen to discuss the plans and exploit new opportunities together with you. The funding will become available in various program lines depicted below provided that industry or other stakeholder are willing to invest cash and in-kind contribution as well.

  1. ECN will start a program line on the up-scaling of lignin valorization via pyrolysis and fractionated condensation. Lignin and lignin pyrolysis vapor fractions rich in bio-aromatics will form the basis for applications development, including additives in fuel, bitumen, resins, coatings and PUR foam.  
  2. TNO will start a program line will start on up-scaling production of HMA and MPA. Those bio-aromatics compounds have shown to outperform fossil counterparts in coatings, lubricants and poly-urethane.
  3. VITO will develop the Biorizon Lignin Application Center. Different lignin oils and fractions can be tailored according to the required specifications and biopolymers and applications thereof are being developed.

The financial investment can be used for the next three years, enabling Biorizon for a transition from a project to a program structure. The advantages to join in a program are:

  1. Higher speed of development, shorter time to market
  2. Financially better leverage for the industry and the RTO
  3. More efficient, better use of resources
  4. Structural collaboration in shared research mode.

If you are interested in learning more on one of our shared research program technology developments, please contact us.

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