Spin-off Relement realizes 1st small production campaign of bio-aromatic MPA with premium properties

TNO’s Biorizon spin-off Relement has finished the first sample production campaign to produce >25 kg MPA at >99,5% purity of bio-aromatic 3-methylphthalic Anhydride (bio-MPA). Relement used Biorizon’s facilities at the Green Chemistry Campus in the Netherlands for this campaign.

Relement CTO Stefano Iannacone: “It is exciting to learn about the Diels-Alder chemistry and process details to produce bio-aromatic MPA and the best way is to perform the actual process yourself. I can notice TNO has put a lot of effort in designing the chemistry and convert it into a workable process at Kg-scale and now I am keen to scale-up and improve this procedure to the next level”.

Relement will soon start scale-up projects and collaborations with leading chemical manufactures partners toward the next stage: bigger scale demonstration. In summer 2022 a process book will be ready to allow subsequent contract manufacturing of bio-aromatic MPA starting a ton-scale.

New aliBio-aromatic 3-methylphthalic anhydride (bio-MPA) is the first bio-aromatic Relement will launch at the market, using its versatile platform technology. The ingredient can only be made via non-edible biomass residues and can be applied in applications like coatings, specialty polymers, adhesives and material resins.

Bio-MPA is thé missing ingredient to make a 100% renewable performance coating. Relement is the first company worldwide that can offer this biobased aromatic ingredient for coatings. Their ingredient is slightly differs from the fossil ingredient, therefore it results in an even better coating. Costumer validation of bio-MPA show improved properties in coatings such as:

  • Easier film spreadability due to lower viscosity.
  • Reduced yellowing effect due to UV exposure.
  • Enhanced hardness and film performance.

External studies show bio-MPA can lower the CO2-footprint with 3.1kg CO2 eq /kg bio-MPA compared to the fossil equivalent.

Test bio-MPA in your application

Relement encourages companies to take the opportunity to conduct application testing to evaluate the properties and benefits of bio-MPA in their application. Would you like to request a sample? Please contact Relement’s CCO Monique Wekking at +31 (0)6 468 473 58 or

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