Biorizon spin-off Relement secures first capital investment

Biorizon spin-off Relement has raised its first capital investment from the TTT Smart Industries Fund that is managed by Innovation Industries, a leading deep-tech Venture Capital fund. Relement is uniquely positioned as a manufacturer of ingredients for coatings and materials, for which there is no renewable alternative today. The investment will enable Relement to contract partners for scaling up sample production for customers and strengthen technological development. An important milestone in the realisation of a more sustainable chemical industry.

“Relement is very happy with the support from Innovation Industries. This is an important step in making the critical change towards a more sustainable chemical industry. Innovation Industries is known for investing in knowledge-intensive and deeptech companies. Relement is such type of company and welcomes visionary investors who understand the large opportunities that the chemicals market has to offer” comments Roger Blokland, CEO of Relement. “Relement is managed by a strong team of founders, has access to disruptive technology and impactful customers. This first investment will enable Relement to reach important milestones towards the realisation of greener chemicals, coatings and materials industry.”

Innovation Industries considers this impact investment as a way to support Relement in its journey to make the chemical industry more sustainable. “Relement has proven that it is possible to use inedible biomass instead of a fossil feedstock while making a product that has superior quality and durability. We have invested with our Technology Transfer Fund and are aware that our support is only a modest step towards a more sustainable world. We hope that our investment encourages other investors to support Relement and to join this round.” – according Harm de Vries, partner at the fund. 

About Relement BV

Relement BV is a spin-off from Dutch Research and Development institute TNO. The technology, to which Relement has an exclusive world-wide license, has been developed by TNO within the shared research center Biorizon. Relement can convert inedible biomass residues into high-quality chemical ingredients called bio aromatics. Today’s aromatics can only be produced from fossil feedstock and are not sustainable. Relement bio-aromatics are the missing link to obtain fully renewable products. 

Relement is a company for the development, production, and marketing of bio-aromatics. Bio-aromatics are essential raw materials for coatings, adhesives, insulating foam and other high-quality applications. These special bio-aromatics are not only much more sustainable, but they also provide better performance: for example, improved hardness of paint and stronger insulating foam. It is Relement’s mission is to change the world by creating a fossil free chemical industry.

For more information on Relement, please contact CEO Roger Blokland at or +31 (0)6 11 27 60 55.

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