B4: Better Biobased Building Blocks


ZCORE: Greening the chemical industry with seaweed-based bio-coatings

Recently, Phyconomy published an article about Biorizon's ZCORE project that aims to to demonstrate that seaweed residues can be utilized for the production of biobased coatings (paints) with superior application properties.

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Bright Coatings Project: Pre-commercial demonstration of bio-aromatic MPA in a 100% sustainable alkyd coating

Biorizon’s spin-off company Relement is coordinator of the recently started Bright Coatings project. Biorizon co-initiator TNO participates as well. Objective of the project is the realization of a pre-commercial demonstration for the production and application of the ‘missing-link’ in a 100% sustainable alkyd coating application: the biobased aromatic MPA, based on locally available starting materials.

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VIABLE project: manufacturing bio-based epoxy resins by partially replacing BPA with lignin biomass

Biorizon co-initiator VITO coordinates the new LIFE VIABLE project that stands for ‘Valorization of lignin bIomass into competitive components grAdually replacing BPA in the formuLation of Epoxy resins’. The project aims to improve the sustainability and the environmental impact of epoxy resins manufacture by lowering the BPA content in the formulation of epoxy resins by 20 to 50%. 

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Event Report: Scaling up bio-aromatics research and application development with the industry

It was supposed to be a physical meeting place, but the 8th Biorizon Annual Event in Rotterdam turned out differently than expected. In front of 300 online followers, but in an empty conference room, the Biorizon team (and a speaker from LEGO) presented the progress in developing value chains for bio-aromatics. This development is progressing well.

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10 Calls for Participation!

Biorizon Shared Research Center has recently launched 10 calls for participation.

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Spin-off Relement realizes 1st small production campaign of bio-aromatic MPA with premium properties

TNO’s Biorizon spin-off Relement has finished the first sample production campaign to produce >25 kg MPA at >99,5% purity of bio-aromatic 3-methylphthalic Anhydride (bio-MPA). Relement used Biorizon’s facilities at the Green Chemistry Campus in the Netherlands for this campaign.

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