Hemimellitic acid (HMA)

Hemimellitic acid (HMA)

HMA is a biobased near-drop-in replacement for petrochemical trimellitic acid/anhydride (TMA). It has been shown to have beneficial effects - or comparable effects - when compared to phthalic anhydride in end-user products such as polyurethanes, and lubricants. HMA might also find use in new end-user applications.  

Call for industrial partners to perform testing of aromatic samples in products

To enable commercial production of bio-aromatics by 2025, Shared Research Center Biorizon is looking for industrial partners to perform testing of our aromatic samples in their products. The aim is to validate their application performance, compared to current industry standards. Quantities and conditions are available on request.

Biorizon co-initiator TNO is working on Diels Alder platform technology to broaden the scope of bio-aromatics. In the near future other samples of renewable aromatics than listed on this web page will become available as well.

More information

If you want to discuss the possibilities and benefits for your organization, please contact Roger Blokland, Business Development Manager TNO / Biorizon via roger.blokland@tno.nl or +31 (0)6 11 27 60 55

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