New Biorizon project on pyrolysis-based application of lignin-rich residues

E4 BioFRAME is a new Biorizon project on application of pyrolysis oil fractions and pyrolysis char from lignin-rich residues. These residues are traditionally used only for low-value heating applications. Through pyrolysis, char and pyrolysis oil fractions are obtained which can serve as a bio-based additive or substitute of fossil based compounds in higher-value applications.

The objective of this E4 BioFRAME project is to test and develop three of these applications. For this, Biorizon co-initiator ECN will pyrolyse lignin-rich residues - that originate from pulping of wood and herbaceous streams - and supply the resulting oil and char fractions. Fractionated recovery of the pyrolysis oil is used to obtain oil fractions that are best suited for the targeted applications. Apollo Global R&D will test and develop application in car tyres. Dura Vermeer Infrastructurewill assess application in asphalt production. Finally, Progression Industry will investigate the potential for blending with fossil diesel and heavy fuel oil.

Moreover, based on these extensive technical screening activities, the economic feasibility of these applications will be assessed.

E4 bioFRAME is a 9-month project starting in October 2017. For further information please contact Jan Wilco Dijkstra,

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This project is made possible by a contribution from the European
Regional Development Fund (ERDF) within the framework of OP-Zuid.

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