LignoValue Pilot ready to be built: More than 30 interested companies

VITO, PMV and Worley Belgium have joined forces for the design and construction of a continuous pilot plant for the depolymerization of lignin into innovative biobased aromatics in Flanders. In the past months, Zeton has been working on the detailed engineering of this LignoValue Pilot. Most equipment is currently being constructed, enabling the start of the assembly of the pilot next June. More than 30 companies have expressed their interest in the project and the pilot installation.

The built of this € 4.3 million pilot at Zeton is expected to be finished in December. Please take a look at the 3D model of the LignoValue Pilot plant below:

Production of larger amounts of bio-aromatic fractions

The LignoValue Pilot plant will allow the production of larger amounts of bio-aromatic fractions to allow companies to take further steps in their application development path. Often the development of applications can only be done at kg scale, if not 100 kg scale, to enable detailed properties’ testing. The pilot meets the needs of various companies that have already expressed an interest in innovative molecules and a willingness to carry out application testing. More than 30 companies are actively following and supporting the LignoValue Pilot project and have signed a letter of intent.

Call for participation

Do you want to participate too? The project partners are interested to get in touch with:

  • companies that have an interest in innovative molecules and a willingness to carry out application testing;
  • feedstock providers that want to test their product in the pilot line.

More information

If you want more information about this project, please take a look at the leaflet. If you want to discuss the potential benefits for your organization, please contact: Kelly Servaes, Project Coordinator LignoValue Pilot, via or Roel Vleeschouwers, Business Development Manager, via

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