Dutch Government Invests in Upscaling of Biorizon Research at Green Chemistry Campus

It was recently announced that 130 million euro is being invested in the Dutch Central- and West-Brabant region, 10 million of which contributed by the Dutch government. This is the result of the ‘Central- and West-Brabant Makes and Moves Regional Deal’. One of the 17 projects of the Deal is ‘Knowledge in the Biobased Economy’ project initiated by Shared Research Center Biorizon.

The aim of this project is to scale up bio-aromatics research. Specifically, this concerns investments in analysis equipment and in specific continuous process set-ups for the provision of evidence on TRL4 / 5. The research is being conducted in the demo facility of the Green Chemistry Campus in Bergen op Zoom, where Biorizon has got its headquarters.

These investments bring Biorizon's ultimate goal one step closer: enabling the chemical industry to produce bio-aromatics on a commercial scale from 2025 onwards. In addition, the investments also strengthen the regional ecosystem and they enrich the knowledge in the biobased economy.

Biorizon congratulates the steering and working group behind the Regional Deal on achieving this result and looks forward to putting this project into practice.

For more information on Biorizon and/or this specific Regional Deal, please contact Roger Blokland via of +31 (0)6 11 27 60 55.

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