Call: Waste Stream Suppliers & End-users for New Consortium

Biorizon is setting up a consortium around the conversion of biomass waste into furfural. We’re looking for waste streams, such as manure, cellulosic biomass residuals, spent grain, digestate and sludge. And for end-users to evaluate bio-aromatics in applications, such as coatings, lubricants and adhesives.

Renewable chemical building blocks (furfural) from waste biomass

Biorizon is setting up a consortium around the conversion of biomass waste into furfural, a renewable chemical building block for the chemical industry. Proof-of-principle has already been delivered in previous projects, the goal of the envisioned project is to develop and scale-up a continuous conversion technology up to TRL5.

Setting up a consortium that covers the whole value chain

TNO, being responsible for Biorizon’s ‘sugars-to-aromatics’ horizon, has initiated a project proposal within the framework of Interreg NWE. This constitutes a 2-stage evaluation process, of which the first stage has been successfully achieved. For acquiring the project, a consortium is required that covers the whole value chain, with various organizations from the North-West-Europe region.

Call for waste stream suppliers & end-users

Although a few feedstock suppliers are already on board, as well as a furfural user, the consortium is looking for extension, in particular with respect to supply of waste streams, such as:

  1. manure
  2. cellulosic biomass residuals
  3. spent grain
  4. digestate
  5. sludge

This project could contribute to valorizing these waste streams.

Furthermore, in the envisioned project, furfural will be used to produce bio-aromatics, for which end-users are welcomed as (associate) partners, for the evaluation of such bio-aromatics in various applications, such as:

  1. coatings
  2. lubricants
  3. adhesives

This project could help to make current products more sustainable and to develop new functionalities.

More information

If you are interested to participate, please contact Roger Blokland ( for more information. The deadline is end of April 2019. 

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