Call for participation: provide hydrolysis lignin to test it in applications

Biorizon co-initiator VITO is looking for companies that own or produce hydrolysis lignin. Together with various scientists, VITO is keen to investigate the potential of this lignin by depolymerizing it and test it in applications, such as polymers, adhesives, coatings or composites.

About Biorizon’s Lignin Horizon

Biorizon co-initiator VITO targets the development of technology for the isolation, depolymerization and fractionation of the lignin fraction of biomass into bio-aromatics. This program targets aromatics with new functionalities that lead to improved product properties. VITO is now scaling up a unique conversion technology to produce lignin-based building blocks for the fine chemical industry and innovative biorefineries.


If you possess hydrolysis lignin and want to find out the potential of this green feedstock, please contact Viviana Polizzi, R&D professional bio-aromatics at VITO at

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This project is made possible by a contribution from the European
Regional Development Fund (ERDF) within the framework of OP-Zuid.

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