Biorizon and Avans University of Applied Sciences join forces in aromatics research

Shared Research Center Biorizon co-initiator TNO is establishing a close collaboration with The Avans Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy (CoE BBE) in Breda. The partnership is aimed at conducting research into increasing the yield of aromatic building blocks from biomass.

Aromatic compounds are crucial building blocks for today's chemical industry. They are used in applications including medicine, plastics, colourings and flavourings. Virtually all aromatic compounds are currently produced from petroleum. 

Profitable and sustainable perspective for the chemical industry

Aromatics can also be obtained from plant residues. Using this method will reduce dependence on petroleum, lower CO2 emissions and offer a profitable and sustainable perspective for the chemical industry. This is why it is important to develop new sustainable technologies today to obtain these building blocks from biomass sources, such as sugar beet.

Unique partnership

The partnership between Biorizon and Avans was made possible through a Strategic Voucher from CoE BBE, which offers the two organisations the opportunity to collaborate on ongoing, well-refined research with a clear focus for 1.5 years.

“The partnership between CoE BBE and Biorizon demonstrates that we are focusing on relevant topics. We are very happy that it enables our students to work on current issues”, Luiz Canalle, Principal Investigator of the CoE BBE Biopolymers Expert Group, said. “This is why we intend to set up a long-term partnership with Biorizon in the field of bio-aromatics.”


The Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy is a partnership between Avans University of Applied Sciences and HZ University of Applied Sciences. CoE BBE supports businesses in their bio-based ambitions by working together to modernise Dutch higher professional education and conducting applied research. 


Shared Research Center Biorizon, a cross-border initiative launched by TNO, VITO and the Green Chemistry Campus, focuses on the technology development for the production of functional bio-based aromatics for high-grade materials, chemicals and coatings. Its aim is to enable commercial production of bio-aromatics by 2025. Biorizon is part of the Biobased Delta.

Biobased Delta

Government agencies, knowledge and educational institutions and businesses in the south-west of the Netherlands work closely together in the Biobased Delta initiative to accelerate the desired transition from oil to bio-based raw materials in the chemical industry.

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