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TA Discovery Hybrid Rheometer 2

TA Discovery Hybrid Rheometer 2

Rheology is the study of flow and deformation, or stress-strain relationship of materials. Rheometers measure materials from low viscosity liquids to stiff solids in terms of viscosity, modulus, and elasticity or damping.

Most industrially relevant materials exhibit complex rheological behavior that determines processability and end-use performance. A rheometer can be used to measure and understand how rheological properties influence every stage of industrial production.

  • Understand formulation based on rheological properties
  • Make predictions of material performance based on known use conditions without specifically mimicking application conditions
  • Optimize properties such as spreading, pourability, stability during storage


  • Advanced Peltier plate.
  • Cone and parallel plate accessory.
  • Environmental test chamber.

For more information, please contact VITO’s senior polymer researcher Richard Vendamme at

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