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PYRENA-PYPO: Continuous Pyrolysis Pilot for Biobased Additives & Aromatics

The PYRENA-PYPO equipment is a continuous pyrolysis pilot unit consisting of a 5-10 kg/h (input basis) pyrolyzer, known as PYRENA, with a closely coupled unit, known as PYPO, for fractionated recovery of the pyrolysis vapours.

The technology uses an innovative downstream cascade approach to obtain different fractions with high potential for applications related to biofuels and biobased materials. Furthermore, all the surrounding analytical equipment is installed to characterize the full process chain, from feedstocks to products.

For more information, please contact Biorefinery & Upscaling Consultant Biomass & Energy Efficiency Sergio Rios at +31 (0) 61 539 88 41 or

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