Biorizon covered by TV show Booming Brabant

Last week Shared Research Center Biorizon was covered by the Dutch TV show Booming Brabant. Scientific manager Jan Harm Urbanus and manager business development Joop Groen show how bio-aromatics can be developed from manure and sieving material from wastewater.

Please watch the item (in Dutch) below.



The video shows developments within Biorizon's successful Waste2Aromatics project that turns waste, that would otherwise be incinerated or end up in landfill, into valuable raw materials for the chemical industry. Biodegradable waste, nappies, compost and sieving material from wastewater are converted to aromatic compounds, such as those used in the production of plastics. This project will bring the commercial production of cost-competitive bio-aromatics, along with the circular economy, significantly closer.

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