Separation/fractionation of lignin oils via membrane separation technology

Within the BIO-HArT project Biorizon co-initiator VITO succeeded in using membrane separation technology to separate lignin oils based on molecular weight via a cascade process by using 2 membranes in series. Different fractions of lignin derivatives enriched in either monomers or oligomers can be successfully produced with the developed protocols.
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EU report on value chain, key players & constraints of bio-aromatics

Biorizon's Joop Groen and Ludo Diels have contributed to a report on biobased aromatics that was written in the context of the KETs Observatory initiative of the European Commission. The report highlights the value chain structure, key players and constraints for the domain of biobased aromatics.
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Biorizon Lignin Application Center for superior biobased products

For companies that would like to introduce lignin-derived chemicals into their biobased products, Biorizon launches its Biorizon Lignin Application Center. The aim: to develop valorization routes for lignin and to create materials such as resins and composites that outperform their fossil-based counterparts.
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Report of Biorizon’s Annual Event 2017: from the lab to piloting

Due to the popularity and expansion of its Community, Biorizon had to move to a larger venue for the 4th edition of its annual event, held on 30 November. In a tastefully renovated old engineering workshop, located in the old port of Antwerp, representatives from industry, knowledge institutes and the government gathered for a state of affairs about the progress in Biorizon’s quest: technology development for the commercialization of bio-aromatics.
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Biorizon Annual Event 2017: Movie

On Thursday, 30 November 2017 Shared Research Center Biorizon together with Watify, hosted Biorizon's Annual Event at the Antwerp Engineering Company in Antwerp. Large industry players, SME's and RTO's from all over Europe will be present to discuss the latest progress in the field of biobased aromatics and to elaborate on the opportunities to accelerate biobased business together.
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€10 million for developing sustainable raw materials for chemical industry

The province of Noord-Brabant, TNO, ECN and the Flemish VITO are jointly investing €10 million in the development of bio-aromatics: sustainable raw materials for the chemical industry. Shared Research Center Biorizon will use the funds to finance various projects designed to bring the ultimate aim closer: enabling the commercial production of bio-aromatics for industry in 2025. The four parties made this announcement in Antwerp during Biorizon's annual event.
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