Biorizon presents virtual reality model of demonstrator for bio-aromatics

Biorizon presents a virtual reality model of it's Continuous Flow Diels-Alder Skid. You can easily walk through the skid and by clicking on the hot spots you get more detailed information. A unique experience! At Biorizon's Annual Event, on 30 November in Antwerp, participants get the opportunity to undergo the full virtual reality experience by wearing special goggles.
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New Biorizon project on pyrolysis-based application of lignin-rich residues

E4 BioFRAME is a new Biorizon project on application of pyrolysis oil fractions and pyrolysis char from lignin-rich residues. These residues are traditionally used only for low-value heating applications. Through pyrolysis, char and pyrolysis oil fractions are obtained which can serve as a bio-based additive or substitute of fossil based compounds in higher-value applications.
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Biorizon scales up: realization of demonstrators to produce bio-aromatics

BIO-HArT project partners have successfully realized two demonstrators. Since 2016, ten partners have been working on the scaling up of technology for the production of aromatics from biomass. The key objective is to construct demonstrators by the end of 2018 for the targeted future production processes. Two such demonstrators have now been realized.
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Waste2Aromatics takes production of furanics to the next level

Within Biorizon's Waste2Aromatics project a consortium of TNO, waste management companies and value chain partners are realizing a blue print for a pilot plant for the conversion of biogenic waste into furanic building blocks. At this moment Waste2Aromatics is ready to take the production of furanics to the next level.
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Biorizon extends IP portfolio on the conversion of biomass to furans

Biorizon co-initiator TNO has established a strong IP portfolio with patents on the conversion of biomass to furans (furan, furfural, HMF) and patents on the Diels-Alder technology for producing renewable aromatics from furans. A broad range of bio-aromatics is protected, including phenolics, aromatic acids and various bis-aromatics.
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Bio-aromatics market introduction may benefit from a strong bioenergy policy

The co-production of bio-aromatics and energy products (e.g., biofuels, SNG, heat and power) is one of the technologies addressed by Biorizon. Bio-aromatics co-production may have a large positive impact on bioenergy business cases because of their higher added value. Jaap Kiel calls for a stronger bioenergy policy in the Netherlands with a wider relevance.
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