Call for participation: Lignin valorization

As part of the lignin-to-bio-aromatics horizon Biorizon is developing innovative technologies for the production of bio-aromatics from lignin feedstock. The ambitions are high: enabling large scale lignin valorization, both for large volumes and high-end applications.
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Call for participation: MSCA Individual Fellowship

Biorizon co-initiator VITO is looking for strong candidates interested in a post doc position (2 years) to look at the electrocatalytic modification/ functionalization of lignin-derived compounds (monomers – oligomers) to promote their suitability for different application fields, e.g. adhesives, coatings, plastics and other industrial applications by increasing their reactivity, and hence to contribute to creating new wood/lignin applications.
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Join Biorizon at the BioInnovation for Growth (BIG-C) event on June 12

On 12 June the biotech cluster of the Antwerp Rotterdam RheinRuhr region, BioInnovation for Growth (BIG-C), organises its annual event in Eindhoven. Because the event will strongly focus on biobased aromatics, we like to bring it to your attention. The biobased aromatics session of this event will focus on the status of the developments and projects and the discussion will elaborate on what further actions are needed and what specific projects suit the needs of the participants best.
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Start of new project: Lignin oxidation technology for versatile lignin dispersants

Biorizon co-initiator VITO is partner in a new project, called LigniOx: Lignin oxidation technology for versatile lignin dispersants. The aim of the LigniOx Innovation Action is to demonstrate the techno-economic viability of alkali-O2 oxidation technology (LigniOx) for the conversion of variable lignin-rich side-streams into versatile dispersants, and especially high-performance concrete and mortar plasticizers.
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Call for participation BIO-HArT: test bio-aromatics samples and discuss desired characteristics

Currently partners in Biorizon's BIO-HArT project are looking for companies with an interest in biobased aromatics that would like to receive samples to test them in their own applications and share the results with us. (In time), we will be able to provide samples of sugars, lignin, furans, alkylphenols, mono-, di- and tri-acids, functionalised phenols and other aromatic compounds. We offer you a unique opportunity to share your specific wishes with us regarding the characteristics of the samples (functionality, reactivity, ..) in order to discuss how we could cooperate and both benefit from the results. In collaboration with the industry applications will be developed based on these test samples.
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Biorizon covered by TV show Booming Brabant

Last week Shared Research Center Biorizon was covered by the Dutch TV show Booming Brabant. Scientific manager Jan Harm Urbanus and manager business development Joop Groen show how bio-aromatics can be developed from manure and sieving material from wastewater.
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