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29-11-2021 - 31-08-2022 /
Green Chemistry Campus, Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands

ZCORE Call for Participation: Bio-Aromatic Sample Evaluation and Seaweed Bio-Refinery

ZCORE Call for Participation: Bio-Aromatic Sample Evaluation and Seaweed Bio-Refinery

Seaweed-derived (pseudo) aromatics are currently being tested as an additive in six different applications. Initial results are promising. Therefore, Biorizon's ZCORE project partners are looking for companies that are willing to test bio-aromatic samples in resins or coatings and/or to jointly assess the feasibility to industrialize seaweed bio-refinery concepts and commercialize the product streams.

In the past year, Biorizon’s ZCORE partners have worked on scaling up bio-aromatic production technologies and producing samples. The partners have initiated development and evaluation of resin and coating formulations and identified other interesting polymer application in which the seaweed derived (pseudo)aromatics would have value as additive. These developments go hand in hand with thorough life cycle analyses that give insight in sustainability aspects and help steer technology developments in the right direction. 

Now, we are able to provide samples of several biobased (pseudo)aromatic monomers, such as analogues of hexahydrophthalic anhydrides and oxabicycloheptane dicarboxylic anhydrides. 

Call for Participation

We are currently looking for: 

  • Companies with an interest in seaweed-derived (pseudo) aromatics that would like to evaluate such samples in their resins and coatings. We would be interested to hear what specific functionality you are looking for and jointly research how seaweed-derived aromatics could provide such functionality.
  • Companies active in the production of seaweed or biorefining that are interested in collaborating to assess the feasibility of future industrialization of these bio-refinery concepts and commercialization of the product streams. 

The ZCORE project partners are currently in the process of deciding which molecule(s) we plan to scale up. Collaboration with industry is important at this stage as it helps us to understand the potential of the targeted molecules in your relevant applications.

ZCORE: Seaweed Residues for Superior Biobased Coatings

In the ZCORE project, 6 partners have joined forces to demonstrate that seaweed residues can be utilized for the production of biobased resins for coatings (paints) with superior application properties. Please take a look at the project animation:

Fast-growing seaweed is used to produce high-value proteins. A by-product is a stream of non-edible sugars, a potential valuable raw material for the chemical industry. In this project, these sugars will be converted to biobased aromatics which will be tested in coatings applications. By the end of 2022, this will lay the basis for 100% biobased alkyd resin coatings that are more durable, cost-effective and sustainable when compared to their fossil-based counterparts. The ZCORE project will positively contribute to CO2 reduction goals and help to strengthen the chemical industry as well as the open innovation network in the south of the Netherlands.

ZCORE project partners represent entire value chain

The ZCORE project brings together the entire value chain for the valorization of seaweed in bio-aromatics and its application in coatings.

  • Biorizon co-initiator TNO is coordinator of the project and has a key position in technology development related to (seaweed) biorefining and bio-aromatics production.
  • The knowledge institutes Avans and Maastricht University have leading expertise in the development of resins, coatings and other polymer-based applications, as well as sustainability assessment. 
  • Relement, Engineering Chemicals and Green Chemistry Campus form an important link to leading coating producers and to industry in general with their knowledge of seaweed value chains and applications of bio-aromatics in industrially relevant applications, such as coatings.

More information or participate?

For more information about the ZCORE project or to discuss participation, please contact project leader Nadine Wennersbusch at or +31 (0)88 866 63 71.


The ZCORE project is made possible by the European Regional Development Fund and the provinces of Noord-Brabant, Zeeland and Limburg in the context of OPZuid. 

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This project is made possible by a contribution from the European
Regional Development Fund (ERDF) within the framework of OP-Zuid.

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